Rules for Subscription Matches Packages 2018

  1. Payment is before the start, you need to choose: 5 matches, 15 matches & 30 Matches
  2. Make the first step, contact us and choose offer and payment method.
  3. Deposit the money to our account.
  4. Four step is to deposit insurance money 50euro.
  5. Five step is to deposit money for taxes which is 50% of any offer.
  6.  5 Matches cost total 165euro
  7. 15 Matches cost total fee is 240euro
  8. 30 Matches cost total fee is 330euro
  9. All Step must be complete, a refund is available only if the game lost not if you don’t complete our rules, you need to read all our website details before you join. 
  10. In case you don’t complete the steps money goes to charity.